While working for Dynata ( Research now SSI)  I made these recruitment newsletters, that were sent out by our partner Honda and the luxury brand Acura to their members to recruit users for the website maintained by the company I was working for. The branding and style had to be a mix of ours and the partner’s brand.

While working for Dynata ( Research now SSI) we had a high volume of surveys and we needed our users to participate more. We managed to reactivate and engage very efficiently our users with this newsletter that we tested out with an animated banner (instead of static), and a different look than our usual (dark theme instead of white)

Since the previous project was successful we did another round and extended the targeted countries and languages to 6 more (the initial one was sent in 3 languages and countries). I also tweaked the graphics and improved it, based on previous experience.


This is a selection from a recruitment banner set that was created  for Quickthoughts, our mobile app. We did display campaigns on Facebok and Google, and we experimented with images and copy.

This was a rather fun experiment, I created a cartoon character based on our Opinion World brand. He was designed to be like a superhero, to stand out from the crowd, by expressing himself ( like people were expressing themselves by taking surveys on our websites).

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