These were recruitment newsletters for our company website, that were sent out by our partner Honda and the luxury brand Acura to their members. They had to respect the brand but also represent our company.

We run this newsletters with animated banner, as part of an engagement campaign in a month  with high demand for surveys, in order to reactivate our users and make them take action.

Since previous project was successful we did another round and we extended the countries targeted. Off course I tweaked the graphics and improved it, based on previous experience.

This was a recruitment campaign for our website that we run in partnership with Bounty. We did A/B testing and a banner set was also created to go with the newsletters.

This is a selection of materials I have done for Nielsen, we handled a few websites for them and periodically new creatives for recruitment were needed. The design evolved considerably in time.

These were welcome emails designed for our onebrand global panel – Vobi . They were designed to explain the features and advantages and make the user journey easyer.