Working as a designer at an airline company (Carpatair) was very challenging but it has brought me great satisfaction. I was working for our brand but also for our partner (like Alitalia) doing  exciting like livery design for airplanes.

While working for Dynata ( Research now SSI ) I created a loyalty brand for our partner Accor Hotels. The challenge was that it had to be global, for 9 countries spread across the world. I studied the partner brand, then i draw mock-ups and looked into fonts and colors. In the end a complete style guide was also created.

While working for Dynata ( Research now SSI ), we had a lot of websites around the globe in Americas, Europe and APAC , that had different branding and names. One of our main initiatives was to do a rebranding and come up with a new globaly unified platform that was more efficient and had a global value. This is how Vobi came up.

I was asked to restore a brand founded 1913 and use it to brand re-opened Restaurant in a historic building