Neustifter Kirtag

I moved only a few days ago in Austria and I was really eager to dive into the local culture and traditions and when i saw people dressed up in national costumes on the street I investigated a bit more and learned there is a nice festival on the edge of Vienna, called  Neustifter Kirtag. Altough it was a bit far away, thanks to Vienna’s  excellent transport system (which I loved from the days I was only visiting not living here) I arrived there easy with metro and 35A bus.

the festival goes back 265 years ago, when Maria Theresa took away the taxes from the wine producers in this area and returned them the crown they brought to her, while asking them in return to celebrate this every year.

I went there to see the beatifull dirndl and lederhosen and listen to traditional songs, the atmosphere was really nice and people were dancing right on the street.

Neustifter Kirtag is a must for fans of dirndl and lederhosen.

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