Once upon a time there was a guy who liked to dream.

The world was sometimes so dull and gray.

He dreamed that one day he could make the world a more colored place.

He was no politician or CEO, nor a scientist, he only worked with shapes, colors, numbers and the stories that lie behind them.

So he went out in the world



And listened

He worked a lot…

He had a continuous run, in search of developing and helping others too.

Then he realised …

That from all the places he had been, this one could be his new home.

A place where he could apply what he learned so far, continue to grow and help others have a better, more colored life !

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What a great story! I know that guy, he is a great person, hope his new home will bring him many joys! This website is awesome, btw 🙂

Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.


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