As a company, we had a lot of panels globally in Americas, Europe and APAC (websites where people can join and take online surveys), that had different branding and names. One of our main initiatives was to do a rebranding and also come up with a new unified platform that was more efficient and had a global value.

We did a lot of brainstorming and quantitative research using our survey capabilities (market research company 🙂 ), both internally and externally and we came up with the new brand that seemed to make the most sense as a global brand– Vobi (code name Onebrand)

We had to create rather fast a prototype version of the Vobi product. After sketching and deciding the interface and features, mockups and mood boards for the new branding were created based on further research and testing. (This was a stage that I was involved more deeply and contributed more).

We developed the action users needed to take into so called abilities “Connector, Contributor, etc”  using gamification, to engage them.

We created a custom platform (Panel 2.0) as a web application based on Angular and in parallel a mobile app for IOS and Android, this meant working closely with my team and with the developers team and a good sync between the teams. The following logo was the final one to represent our brand.

This project was quite challenging for me, as I was involved in the coding phase too (front-end) I had to learn to use the software required for the Development Environment (Angular CLI , LESS/SASS, Flex), then I learned to work with components and version control software / build management tools like GIT, Source Tree and Team City, Amazon AWS.

In the coding phase we have created the pages using components and html, we placed the copy inside, styled and formatted them using css, – according to the branding, then we optimized them with media queries for all screen sizes, from mobile to desktop.

I was part of the team that built the Vobi MVP website. When this build was complete, we tested ourselves, then QA team tested it and we fixed the found bugs.

We were encouraging everywhere the people to download and use the mobile apps

In parallel with the website additional support materials needed to be created, like email templates for user communications, special internal system pages for user interaction.
The process was similar – research, mockups based on that and on branding then implementing into code.  This was a stage where again I was involved more deeply and contributed more.