Nielsen is one the biggest brands I have been working with. More than 5 years ago, when I got hired at SSI (Survey Sampling International) I received this account to handle. There were a few websites that we handled for them and periodically new creatives for recruitment were needed.

In the begining I had to work with some old templates received from them, and I was only allowed (and asked) to do some seasonal image and color updates.

As I got to know the brand much better and working closely with our media buyers  and project managers that gave me feedback regarding the performance of the creatives, I noticed things that worked and some that did not work and what could be improved to be able to refresh the creatives in order to maximize our recruitment conversion.

A big accomplishment was that in time I was able to propose new designs which were a complete refreshment of the old creatives, aligned with the main brand and up to date to current modern trends. We also tested a lot, latest recruitment material had no less than 4 variations, in terms of layout and colors.

Mainly I was doing recruitment materials – Landing Pages, emails and banners which we refreshed on a regular basis but from time to time I had some very interesting special recruitment campaigns which require landing pages and banner creatives.

Or I was asked to make short instruction manuals, to make the user interaction and experience easier.