Accor Hotels became a partner to the company I was working at and I was assigned to create a loyalty brand and a website for them. The objective of the website is to have users sign-in and take surveys, then they are rewarded with prizes from our partner. It was developed in 7 languages, for 9 countries (including China, which was quite challenging).

The process began by studying the partner brand and doing a research regarding the name of our loyalty brand and to see some demographic data regarding our target users. I had help from my team regarding this, we chose the brand together carefully. And the partner was involved too.

Then I started drawing logo mock-ups and looking into fonts and colours. When a logo was chosen I could do a research for the images based on the defined brand and with the working closely with our digital marketing team and the partner team I could start on building the site structure and  mock-ups.

When all was approved by the stakeholders the site was built inside our CMS – Sitecore, using CSS and HTML, and then all the additional materials needed for the communication with the users and for them to interact with the website and participate in surveys, like sign-up emails, invitation to project emails, reminders, survey pages, automations, etc. – the full set.

Our collaboration with the partner lasted and new materials were needed in time, either to refresh the initial creatives or for recruitment campaigns, in a continuous effort to optimize the website, to keep our members happy and engaged but also to bring new ones.