This is a selection from a recruitment banner set that was created  for Quickthoughts, our mobile app. We did display campaigns on Facebok and Google, and we experimented with images and copy.

This is a selection of banners I have done for Nielsen, we handled a few websites for them and periodically new creatives for recruitment were needed. The design evolved considerably in time.

This is a  selection from the recruitment campaigns which were done for our website (what would mums say) that we run in partnership with Bounty.

This was a rather fun experiment, I created a hero character based on our Opinion World brand. He was designed to be like a super hero, to stand out from the crowd, by expressing himself ( like people were expressing themselves by taking surveys on our websites).

I designed a lot of materials for the Carpatair brand, from small to large prints to online campaigns for social media or Google AdWords.

A small personal project, a poster for a Symphonic concert